A Professional Drone For The Price Of a Toy Drone - Can That Work?

Post written on - 20.10.2018

"The expensive in brand drones is not the technology but much more the brand name." - DroneX Pro Inventor Nils Lasznuson

In the last 12 months, we have tested in the editorial office almost all drones available on the market between $70 usd to $5000 usd. Unfortunately, most models under $100 usd are difficult to control even in light wind. Also, the camera often does not deliver as promised photos and videos in excellent quality.

It is quite different with this model called "DroneX Pro". Is this cheap drone really as good as tests in expert magazines say? We ordered a copy and examined it intensively. First of all, we are thrilled .

Why is this extremely high-quality drone so cheap?

The DroneX Pro was designed by two Norwegian engineers and drone lovers. The drones they already had were very difficult to maneuver and the quality of the video and photos did not meet their expectations.

After a few weeks of intensive research and phone calls, they noticed: The high-quality technology in the expensive brand drones comes mainly from the THE SAME supplier companies and was not at all expensive to your astonishment.

They found out that the expensive brand drones are not the technology but the brand name.

Packed with the ambition of a much better drone to launch drone manufacturers at a fraction of the price of the profit-hungry brands, they created the DroneX Pro.

In this video you will see the DroneX Pro in action:

What makes the DroneX Pro so special?

This drone makes beginners look like professionals. The professional control is included in the delivery and makes maneuvering easy even for beginners. In the editorial office, many colleagues had never before flown a drone and it worked out right the first time.

Automatic Flight Assistance
Intelligent flight modes enable the drone to land safely, track people or objects, maintain flight altitude, detect obstacles, 3D spins, or cool spins and flips.

3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
The high-quality hidden 3-axis gimbal is able to stabilize the camera even at high speed for sharp images and jitter-free video. Even with wind, the videos are razor-sharp in real-time transmission from your environment - like a HD live stream.

Photos from fascinating heights
The quality of the video transmission is especially crucial for a pleasant flight experience. The wide-angle lens provides with 100Mbps same ultra-HD images for wonderful and crystal clear images. Also from breathtaking heights.

Ultra-panorama photos
In addition to horizontal and vertical shots, the camera combines multiple images into crystal-clear panoramic photos in just 3 seconds. Everyone loves a beautiful picture. No matter if you just want to shoot a snapshot or expand your portfolio.

Collapse and take with you
The drone is folded up barely larger than a fist. It fits in every belt bag and in every backpack! You do not need a film crew when flying the DroneX Pro. Simply tell the drone what to pursue and it will take care of the rest. Impress friends, work colleagues, and family with exciting shots of your life.

Why is this drone so popular?

This drone costs only a fraction of the price of professional brand drones. It comes in a sleek and compact design and can be taken anywhere. It is also quiet in the air and has an improved flight time of about 21 minutes.

This drone makes beginners look like professionals. Flying feels very natural. At the time of the test flight, a few older colleagues were in the newsroom and they found their way around within seconds. Even on her first drone flight ever. It is unbelievable how easy and fluent the operation with the provided controller is.

Our conclusion - buy as long as it is still so cheap

Demand for this model has grown rapidly in recent weeks. According to DroneX Pro, inventory is in short supply right after launch due to numerous pre-orders and the launch price. However, the manufacturer guarantees all October buyers the low price of the first edition under $100 usd!

Breathtaking videos and pictures of your next holiday or event is now in the way with this drone. Impress your fellow human beings with exciting pictures from your life. This drone is just fun and really makes everyone look cool.

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