Any MAN can last longer: How to Run Without Getting Tired

Keeping fit and living healthy is a very important aspect of life. Hence, engaging in exercises and other activities that make you stretch your body muscles and energize your organs is good. Running is one such activity and knowing how to run is a great way to kip fit and stay healthy. It is also very beneficial to the heart.

However, one thing that newcomers to running and even those who have been running for a while have problems with is knowing how to run without getting tired. Running without getting tired can be a difficulty especially when running long distances.

This article is packed with tips to help you run long distances without getting tired. You also learn how to improve your running skills, so as to become a better runner.


Preparing to run

before you hit the blocks and take off, what type of footwear are you putting on? Running with the right kind of shoes is very important. Heavy shoes will end up wearing you down sooner than expected. Get a light footwear that you are very comfortable with and in which you can run easily with.

You also have to eat the right kind of food. Running requires a high supply of glycogen, which is the stored form of glucose. It is stored in the body muscles and liver. As you run, glycogen is converted to glucose which is used to fuel the body. Having a small supply of glycogen means little supply of glucose and this will in turn result in you burning out quickly. Eating a good amount of carbohydrate rich food helps to supply your body with glycogen and glucose. Eat a meal that is rich in carbohydrate 2 to 3 hours before you run. Crackers and carbohydrate rich drinks are also good.

Before you decide to run, ensure that you are healthy and fit. Eat good food rich in calcium, vitamins, protein, fruits and vegetables. Try to stay off junk food. Being healthy is key to having a good run.

Having a good warm-up before you start running is also beneficial as it ensures that your muscles hit peak efficiency. Stretch your muscles, legs and body generally.


While Running

 while running, ensure that you practice the following tips to boost your endurance levels:

  • Have the Right Running Posture: when running, position your torso upright and prevent your waist from bending. With this, you will breathe more efficiently and prevent your diaphragm from being compressed.
  • Your arms should be kept at an angle of 900 when running. They should rotate freely from the shoulders without swaying. This helps the body to be propelled forward without making the legs do much work.
  • Breathe properly: while running, ensure that you take in deep breathes through your nose and breathe out through the mouth in a controlled manner. Breathe from the belly and not your chest as this allows your lungs more room to expand, avoiding side stitches which occur when breathe fast. You can also use your breathe to pace. Pace with your breathing by inhaling deeply every three steps, and exhaling every two steps.
  • Drink water: have at least a glass of water before starting to run and have with you a potable bottle of water so that you can sip water and remain hydrated all through.
  • Build your pace as you run: when running, start by jogging and then find your pace. This pace should then be built upon until you get to your target heart rate. Do not start too fast as you will easily get exhausted. The key here is endurance and not speed. Once you find your target heart rate you can easily jog without getting tired. When you tire, jog more slowly till you feel better and then increase your pace again. Keep going at it and build your stamina. Never try to over exert yourself by doing more than you can handle. If you begin to feel pain it means that you may be over exerting. If you are exhausted and can no longer jog, slow down and power walk till you finish.


Being motivated while you run

Staying motivated while you run will help your endurance levels a whole lot and keep you going for much longer. If you wish to run without getting tired, then these tips will help you to stay motivated as you do:

  • Music helps: it is advisable to have music plugged to your ears while you run. This music helps greatly in keeping you going. You will find rhythms and melodies which can energize you as you run. Also music with a steady beat help you keep a steady pace.
  • Learn to motivate yourself as you run by setting realistic targets for yourself and pushing yourself to meet those targets. Steadily increase your target as you run. If you plan to run 10km for instance, start with 2, and keep going. 2 becomes 3 and 3 soon becomes 10. Increase your distance slowly but surely. Don’t over push yourself. Soon enough it will become a part of you and become very easy. Keep telling yourself that you can do it.
  • Have a running mate: you are not going to the polls, but having a running mate or friend to run with is very beneficial as you motivate and inspire each other to do much more. It is also much more fun than when you are alone.


After Running

When you are about to finish your run, begin to slow down slowly as you reach the finishing phase. You can walk this part out. When you are done, take time to engage in muscle cooling stretches that help prevent body fatigue. Running should be included in your fitness programme and should be done at least twice a week. Do not overstretch your limits. Give yourself a break after running and do not run the very next day. Allow your muscles to recover from the rigors of the day’s running. If you run every day, you run the risk of wearing yourself out physically and mentally. Take a day off and engage in other forms of exercise.


Running without getting tired is not an easy job and requires continuous practice to get better and excel in. Do not give up on your goals. Follow these tips and adopt strategies that will boost your performance levels. Remember to eat healthy and stay healthy. Enjoy your run and see you soon.



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